About Daily Mantra

If you loved yourself today a bit more than you did yesterday, you have grown.

As goes for many creations, Daily Mantra was born during a period of crisis. My identity crisis came when the relationship with my ex-partner – with whom I have 2 children – ended after 12,5 years. I no longer had my ‘jobs’ as a lover and as head of the family.

Instead, what remained was one question: ‘Who am I in relation to the Other?’ I knew I was the only one who could answer that question as much as I knew that in order to be a loving person I had to love myself first. I just had no idea how to do that.

I started spending more time in meditation, sports, education, therapy and lifestyle. Slowly, I started realising that my emotions and my thoughts are merely pieces of information that come to me and that I get to choose what meaning I give them. Whatever meaning I give them becomes true eventually. Listening to guided meditations and music with positive mantras helped me with this insight. I started to reprogram my own image of myself. 

I found a book called the Hidden Messages in Water, written by Dr. Emoto Masaro. He was a Japanese scientist that did a lot of research on the effect of words, sounds and images on water. His results stunned me. In his opinion, water can carry information that it is exposed to and pass it on again to the environment it comes in contact with.

This is how the idea was born to start a clothing label with positive mantras printed on the clothes that feed the water in your body while you are wearing them. The mantras are mirrored so that the text is pointed towards you and meant for you instead of for the one looking at your clothes. This way, they invite you to look for positive changes within yourself, rather than out there. 

Thank you for taking your time to read this About page, I hope it has inspired you. 

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