Wear what you believe.

Daily Mantra helps you to remember what you want to believe about yourself – every day.

Through the 1990’s, Dr. Masaru Emoto performed a series of experiments observing the physical effect of words, music and images on water. He took pictures of frozen water crystals after the water was exposed to several setups. The results were remarkable! Dr. Emoto, for instance, typed out different words, both positive and negative in nature, and taped them to bottles filled with water. The water stamped with positive words was far more symmetrical and aesthetically pleasing than that stamped with dark, negative words. 

Our Mantras

The Daily Mantra philosophy is based on Dr. Emoto’s research. By printing mantras on t-shirts, they will have a positive effect on your system and on your well being. This will in his turn have a positive effect on your direct surroundings and eventually on the planet.

Because there are so many mantras to choose from it was not easy to make a selection. So at one point we made a choice to go for the ones that are available now. Partially the choice was made intuitively, partially through surveys. We are always looking for new mantras and are open for your feedback and ideas.

Love and Gratitude

The words Love and Gratitude are one of the most powerful combination of words that we came across. So that is one of the mantras that we use in our collection. Next to that, you will find the mantra: I Love Myself; I Grow Positive Thoughts; I am Whole, I am Creative and I am Capable of Change and My Breaths are Deep and My Heart is Open.

Thank you for taking your time to read this page, I hope it has inspired you. 

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