Clean & Unique Fashion Magazine


This Clean and Unique Magazine was published to present the C&U platform and to where the platform stands for: to set sustainable fashion in a whole new light.

The more people know about all of the amazing options and innovations that are available right now, the quicker the fashion industry and our society as a whole will change and evolve.

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This magazine was created with great consideration for all parties involved.

  • Published by Roosmarie Ruigrok
  • Editor in Chief by Jantine Geurts (de Woordspinners)
  • Production by Matthijs Kettelerij (de Woordspinners
  • Printing by Veldhuis Media BV on 100% recycled Circle Premium
  • Printed with plant based ink

Mantras mirrored

By printing positive mantras mirrored on the shirts the text of the mantra is pointed towards you, instead of towards the other. The positive energy of the mantra has an effect on your body and hence on your well being. And if you feel well, you will have a positive influence on the people that you are surrounded with and eventually onto the world.

Love for Self and love for the World

It is our mission to design and manufacture sustainable fashion with positive mantras, so that you can feed yourself with what you want to believe.

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